Thursday, 9 December 2010

Dear Moderator,

Here is all of the work that we (Komal, Eve and Chloe) have produced throughout this music video project. Please feel free to look through our blog.

Thank you,

Komal Gorasia, Evangelia Zannetou and Chloe Barnham

Sunday, 28 November 2010

The making of...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Location Day 3

Today, we filmed the final scenes for our music video. This included the crucial lip-synching and various other shots such as Chloe getting ready to go out.

The locations were Chloe's bedroom and the Media Studies pod. Chloe's bedroom was used for lip-synching, where her and Eve would both lip-synch to the song 'Fashion' alone and then once together. Also shot in Chloe's bedroom was a scence where Chloe has her wardrobe open and is throwing things out as she is pulling out an item of clothing and deciding if it is something she should wear for her day out. When we were in Chloe's bedroom, we also dressed up a mannequin with accessory items such as sunglasses, a boa and necklaces. We thought this would tie in well with our theme as fashion is all about being experimental.

After we finished filming in Chloe's bedroom, we went to the Media Studies pod. We wanted to use the green screen so that we could add effects in the background while Chloe is lip-synching. However, once we got into the pod, we decided it would not be necessary for us to use the green screen as all we needed was a plain background, and since the walls in the pod are white, we decided to go with this option. Chloe was styled as two icons, the first was Audrey Hepburn. Chloe's hair was put in an updo with a jewelled band tied around it so it would imitate a poster of Hepburn. Chloe was also styled as Twiggy. Her hair was again in a simple updo, this time more subtle and her eyes were dark, with eyelashes drawn along her lower lashes.

The problems we faced were not major, however, Chloe's bedroom was quite small, therefore we had to adjust the tripod to make it a smaller width in order for it to be in a suitable position and for it to fit within the space provided. Another probelm was that when we were dressing up the mannequin, the acessories kept falling off and so had to be secured with grips, this was time-consuming, however, it worked well in the end.

What went well was that Chloe had a lot of accessories, so it gave us a lot of lots of ideas to play around and experiment with the mannequin.

Posted by Komal Gorasia

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Location Day 2.

This is where we decided to shoot on the second day of shooting. This is where we shot the outside location for the church scenes. Unfortuanetly we were unable to use the inside of the church for shooting, but we were able to use another church near by to get the shots we needed for the video.

Posted by Chloe Barnham

Costume part 2.

These are the outfit choices that we made for our second day of shooting. This is the outfit the church scene.

Shooting Day 2

Tuesday, 9 November 2010


As we are shooting outside today we decided that it was important to look at the weather forecast for the day ahead. There is forecasted rain where we are shooting and so we have had to think of ways to either shoot around the rain or to still shooting the rain without effecting our footage.